Outdoor Heating

We all know how unpredictable Melbourne’s weather can be – and there is nothing worse than the weather spoiling your plans.

At Blinds Central we’ve thought of everything to ensure you always get the most out of your outdoor area. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of Heatstrip® electric radiant outdoor heaters, so you can enjoy your outdoor room all year round.

Designed to compliment our range of outdoor blinds, these heaters have a subtle and unobtrusive design. These outdoor heaters have a black face and don’t emit light or glow when in use, allowing them to blend elegantly into your décor. What’s more, you can select to have them ceiling or wall mounted so your valuable floor space isn’t taken up.

Heatstrip® outdoor heaters give off comfortable radiant warmth, which means it feels like the heat that comes from the sun. The heat from above travels through the air directly to people and surfaces below. And with minimal ceiling clearances to worry about, they are a great choice for alfresco areas, patios, verandas and balconies.

And with increasing electricity costs, there is no need to worry about their efficiency. The innovative design of these Heatstrip® electric radiant heaters enables even heat distribution with a minimal running cost.

Available in a range of sizes (1500 Watts, 1800 Watts, 2400 Watts and 3200 Watts) we’ll happily help recommend the right size for your area, to keep your outdoor area nice and cosy. And, we can arrange an electrician for you too to complete all the wiring.

Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel knowing you don’t have to worry about the weather next time you have something planned outside!