Outdoor Shade Blinds for Versatile Spaces

As much as we love the sun and the nice weather, we also like to be comfortable. Shade is important not just for comfort, but also for UV protection; even in the cooler months, bright sun can cause skin damage as well as fading and wearing on outdoor furniture. That’s why many people look for a way to create shade, have some privacy (and add value to your properties, and get protection from the sun both indoors and outdoors. Having the right shade solution can really change the way you enjoy your outdoor spaces, whether you’re relaxing alone, working in the yard or entertaining guests.

Manage the heat with shade blinds

Outdoor blinds are an extremely effective way of blocking out the harsh Australian sunlight. Think of it this way; by the time heat and light reach the barrier of your curtains or interior shutters, it’s already inside, and therefore less effective. With outdoor shade, the light and heat is blocked before it passes through your windows so keeps your home cooler, for longer.

Custom shade solutions including roll up blinds

Choose from a selection of different colours and materials, to match the existing look of your garden and entertaining areas. All of our products are custom made to suit the specific requirements of your outdoor space. Our range of wire guided sunshades and outdoor options are available in an extremely wide selection of colours, designs and styles so we have something to suit all tastes and décor schemes. They’re carefully made to last for decades to come, so you and your family can enjoy perfect shade season after season.

Create Another Room in Your Home

Utilise our outdoor blind solutions and create a multipurpose space in your home that you can use year round. Using roll up models to shade your verandah or decking makes the space one you can use throughout the year. Whether you want an outdoor dining room, a rumpus room for your children or simply a peaceful place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of your home, roll up shading can help you create that space.

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