Café Blinds for Style and Shade in the Melbourne Outdoors

This is a great city, but we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, often turning on four seasons in one day. It can be sunny and clear in the morning and then stormy in the afternoon, without warning! So if you love your outdoor space, our range of café shading make sure you can enjoy the outdoors anytime of the year. This style of shading works like a kind of temporary wall, creating a transparent side and front to your deck, patio or pergola. Add in some comfy furniture and a café heater, and you’ll feel cosy no matter what the weather is like!

Melbourne’s practical and modern outdoor shading solution

There are plenty of aesthetic and practical reasons why the café style is an excellent shading choice for Melbourne properties and apartments. Some of the most common reasons our customers opt for them include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: An excellent choice for living spaces with modern design sensibilities as the clean, simple shape compliments and enhances the sleek lines of modern architecture. This shading is also available in a range of fabric styles and finishes, making it incredibly versatile.
  • Flexibility: Tangled broken window furnishings make your living space look shabby, and become a nightmare to deal with when you want to make an adjustment. This style is particularly great if you have children or pets as it is virtually indestructible and incredibly flexible.
  • Ease of Use: Café blinds mean no more fiddling with misaligned slats or trying to untangle a chord with the sun, as all of these products come with incredibly simple manual or motorised operating systems.
  • Durability: This perhaps some of the most resilient shading on the market, with durable fabrics and steel tube fittings, you’re unlikely to need replacements anytime soon.
  • Protection: These are great come the Melbourne summer as they can be used to protect your home and family from harmful UV rays with sun screening fabric.

Café blinds to suit every lifestyle and décor

At Blinds Central Melbourne we help you design the right finish for your outdoor area, specialising in the two most sought after types of café blinds. We custom measure and cut to suit your property; no two orders are the same. You can even combine two different types of shading in the same area to create an individual look; for example, clear on the front and opaque on the side. You’ll love just how neat, tidy and convenient the finished product is.

Choose between Ziptrak® café blinds – a track guided blind with no zips, no straps, no buckles and no ropes. Or, café blinds with a zippered edge.

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